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The main purpose for the organization of this International Seminar is to find out the actual status of religious practices among the Muslim in China. Prior observation shows that the majority of the Muslim population is almost different pertaining to the normal way of conducting religious rituals especially compare to Muslim majority countries. Hence there is dire and urgent need to document as well as to research on this issue so that the necessary steps to resolve the situation can be formulated and strategically mapped.

In this connection we ought to get speakers to talk on the following topics:

1.     Believe and Thought
2.     Worshiping - Ritual in Worship
3.     Family Development
4.     Social and Community Relation
5.     Consumerism

The information and resolution gathered in this seminar will be analysed and studied for further strategic action. The resolution could be submitted to the relevant government authorities and non government organization (NGO’s) in order to rectify the situation as needed.

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