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Body size and shape are used as focal morphological variable since this trait can be logically compared among individuals and readily available for human population. New cutting-edge technology has made possible for large scale analysis of human body size and shape within body size population. The recent development of 3-dimensional (3D) scanning technology provide opportunity to create more accurate and detailed human models for various purposes in comparison with the traditional 1D anthropometric dimensions. The availability of data generated from 3D scanners is useful for a wide variety of applications, ranging from better ergonomics design of human spaces to medical and healthcare related applications.


  • Highlight the potential of 3D whole body and foot scanning technologies for industrial and healthcare applications.
  • Share experience and success stories of the applications of anthropometry and 3D whole body and foot scanning technologies in the design of consumer products such as apparels, footware and ergonomics.

Body scanning process
Foot scanning process


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