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Theme 1: Retirement Migration

  • Determinants of retirement migration: Taxes, healthcare, housing
  • Determinants of return migration after retirement: Family, healthcare, portability of pension
  • Medical tourism
  • International Retirement Villages (IRV)

Theme 2: Rural-Urban Migration

  • Urban employment and underemployment
  • Overcrowding in urban centres
  • Youth migration

Theme 3: Labour market and Irregular/Illegal Migration

  • Integration and employment
  • Employment in shadow economies
  • Supply and Demand for Migrant Domestic Workers

 Theme 4: Social Justice and Human Rights

  • Social protection and economic inequality
  • Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Human rights of migrant workers
  • Human trafficking
  • Citizenship
  • Transnational families
  • Social diversities and social integration

 Theme 5: Education, Health and Social Protection

  • Student migration: Keeping or sending back
  • Education and training of migrant workers
  • Managing labour migration


Theme 6: Economics and Social Policy

  • Modelling of social performance indicators
  • Governance of migration and diversity
  • Implications of migration for policy


Parallel Session: Economic Integration and Labour Migration in D-8 Economies / Social Protection Policy Modelling



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