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Critical Discourse Engagement/Analysis


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Language and other communicative forms are used in our daily lives to achieve a number of objectives. These include convincing and persuading others, telling an engaging and captivating narrative, acquiring new knowledge and skills, asserting and maintaining one’s social position and dominance, building alliances and rapport, demonising enemies, and achieving personal and institutional goals. Examining the ways people use language and communication from a critical discourse perspective provides fascinating insights that enable us to have a heighten sense of awareness of how language and communication are manifestations of underlying forces and how they also shape and manipulate mental realities. Engaging in critical discourse research can assist us in unveiling prejudice and unfairness, among others and help create a more just and egalitarian society. This research workshop focuses on the Faircloughian approach to critical discourse research.

Why should I attend?

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

- explain some of the fundamental ideas in critical discourse research
- analyse language and communication data from a critical discourse research perspective
- plan their own critical discourse research projects

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