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Asia Leadership Summit 2014


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Welcome to the 'Asia Leadership Summit' 2014


Leadership 2050: What challenges will educational leaders face in the future? What leadership practices will secure and sustain educational excellence?

Across the world it is recognized that leadership is an important contributor to high performance and success. Many businesses, companies and public sector bodies are investing huge resources into leadership preparation, development and training. But the question is what type of leadership is needed for a rapidly changing economic, educational and technological environment?

The ‘Asia Leadership Summit 2014’ will focus on the key challenges facing educational leaders. It will provide an opportunity to engage with international experts and renowned scholars on leadership questions of importance locally, nationally and globally.


As the axis of economic development shifts from the West to the East, it is important to look at the leadership needs of private and public sector organisations within an Asian context. Yet, much of the research and evidence about effective leadership still emanates from countries that are far away from any Asian countries. Despite variability in economic and educational performance, the US, UK and parts of Europe still define much of the contemporary leadership field.


Yet the global economy is at a crossroads, a new order is emerging and being firmly established in Asia. But how far do our current ideas about leadership meet the test of this new economic world-view and the challenges that accompany a new epicenter of commerce and industry in 2050? How far does the leadership of those leading schools and school systems meet the new, emerging and unchartered territory of schooling several decades hence?


The purpose of this Summit is to draw together the best thinkers, writers and leaders across the region, for two days, to address three fundamental questions:

  • What type of leadership will be required in 2050?
  • How far can we actively prepare for 2050 leadership?
  • What needs to change to make 2050 leadership a reality rather than an aspiration?
The central aim of the Summit  is to provide an opportunity for those concerned with effective leadership to share, engage and to think towards the future. The main objective is to generate new thinking, new ideas and new directions for leadership and leadership practice. The intention is not to revisit current leadership practices, recycle old leadership ideas or to identify best leadership practices. This will only take us where we are rather than where we aim to be.

This event is organised by the ‘Institute of Educational Leadership’, University of Malaya in conjunction with MARA as part of its contribution to knowledge and scholarship on a local, national and international level. This inaugural Summit will be designed around ‘studio spaces’ that will encourage debate and discussion on a number of key themes. Leading academics will shape and inform discussion around key ideas including leadership and technology, future leadership, leadership and learning, and leading organisational change and transformation.

There will be no formal conference papers as the aim is for broad contributions and engagement from all participants. Students will also play an active part in the Summit and their voices will be an essential and important feature.

The ‘Asia Leadership Summit 2014’ is supported by SAGE, Principals Australia Institute and the British Council. The Summit will be followed by an invited closed event on the 10th for policy makers, practitioners and researchers. Full proceedings from both will be published and widely disseminated.
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